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Renzo Barredo*

Renzo Barredo*

Director, Mental Health & Community Outreach Division

Renzo Barredo has been in the Financial Services industry since 2010. His attention to detail, passion for others, and drive to make a true difference in this world helps drive his work with his clients. After just 2 years in the industry, the loss of his best friend catapulted a new passion related to mental health. Since then, Renzo has served on many boards and committees helping to educate society about mental health and the stigma associated with it. His passion has fueled him in becoming a huge mental health advocate who has helped merge mental health with financial health. The stigma associated with mental health and financial health has truly created an epidemic in our society, which he is determined to address daily both in working with his clients and members of the community. Through his experiences both personally and professionally, he has realized the significant role that financial stress plays in society. In response to this, he uses an efficient approach to educate clients on how to become more financially healthy.

Over the last couple years, Renzo has served on the board of the Florida Initiative for Suicide Prevention, the Weston Alliance for Youth, and the Weston YMCA. In 2018, Renzo was part of the 1st annual Broward Mental Health Summit and served as a moderator for the youth portion, which addressed struggles that children encounter in today's society. He has worked with different organizations in collaboration to address the stress associated with mental health and financial health. Today, he proudly helps run a Teen Leaders Group at the Weston YMCA, which empowers and teaches teenagers life skills necessary to be successful. Through his passion, leadership, enthusiasm, and skill set, he looks to continue working with his clients and the community to attain total health.