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Sports & Entertainment Division

We provide advisory and planning services to athletes and professional entertainers.

Results Matter. As a wealth advisory firm, our goal is always your financial stability and growth. We have a "needs-based" process to help give you the results you want while also taking a consultative approach to everything we do to help ensure you are always informed on what is going on.

Financial Management Services for Athletes and Entertainers

Our sports and entertainment sector focuses on providing investment advice, substantial planning, and advisory services to athletes and professional entertainers throughout their entire careers and after.

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Investment Advice

Substantial Planning

Advisory Services

What can we do for you?

OneSouth Florida Wealth Advisors serves the financial needs of athletes and entertainers at any stage in their careers through result-oriented practices coming from a team that truly understands what unique financial situations athletes and entertainers face.

Our advisors strive to educate our clients in making informed choices regarding their finances, so they can build wealth strategies that can endure over time. We have strategic alliances with other professionals who work with OneSouth Florida Wealth Advisors to provide experience in complex salary contracts, recording and touring agreements, product endorsements, royalties, financial, business and real estate investments.

Other services OneSouth Florida Wealth Advisors and its alliance will offer are solutions to our athletes and entertainers that surpass financial advice, tax and estate planning. We will provide guidance to clients with new ventures; providing solutions and advice encompassing their financial portfolios.

We provide a team of professionals to support our existing clients, prospective athletes, and entertainers under contract or retired:

  • Financial Planning
  • Investment Services
  • Insurance Services
  • Asset Protection
  • Trust and Estate Planning
  • Family Services / Travel Planning
  • Foundation Development

Let us help you!

What to expect?

Our clients can expect to be treated with respect and to communicate with an advisor to manage their accounts with integrity and professionalism. We will get to understand their personal and professional goals and integrate our "needs-based" approach to achieve their fiscal objectives.

Our Process

An Objective Approach To Problem Solving

Critical to our "needs-based" approach is our ability and commitment to listening and asking questions. Our goal is to assist them in achieving their goals through implementing our four-step process:



Before we recommend any product or service, we inquire and receive feedback to each client's individual circumstances and financial objectives. We then analyze their insurance and investment portfolio to identify any disparities that exist.



We provide our clients with strategies to substitute or support their current financial objectives.



If our recommendations make sense to you, we will work with you to implement them and help you secure the required products and services. You may also work with the advisor of your choice.



We work with our clients to establish a timeline of reviews to monitor their financial progress and evaluate the next steps to achieving their fiscal goals.

A Financial Services Professional can help you with many of your financial needs. It is important to note that Financial Service Professionals are only able to provide certain services if they are licensed to do so.

Why choose us? 

As advisors to professional athletes and entertainers, we understand the unique challenges they may face throughout their careers. More importantly, we realize the vulnerability most athletes and entertainers are exposed to and help focus our clientele on avoiding unnecessary financial mistakes. Our team always has you in mind and is available to help guide and advise you on what you can do to accomplish your financial goals.

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