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Impact Investing

Invest Your Money for Good

What you value defines who you are. But what about your investments? Do they emulate the person you are, or who you hope to be? As a firm that believes in sustainable investing, we can help you implement a lifestyle that reflects your principles and values while seeking returns.

So not only will your investments portray who you are, they have the potential to change people’s lives locally and globally!

Sustainable Investing For Your Future

What can we do for you?

OneSouth Florida provides the opportunity to include Impact Investing in your financial portfolio. Impact Investments are investments made with the intention to generate positive, measurable social or environmental impact alongside a financial return.

· Provides capital to address social and/or environmental issues
· Aligns the pursuit of profit and purpose
· Advocates for the societal betterment

Let us help you!

What to expect?

Our wealth advisors are always ready to listen to your questions, and they establish a clear line of trust right from the beginning. Firstly, your wealth advisor will begin the planning phase by discovering where you are and listening to your goals to understand where you want to be. Then your wealth advisor will develop a financial plan to help make your financial goals a reality. Throughout the entire process, your wealth advisor will clearly communicate the next steps and make sure you understand what is being done because at OneSouth Florida Wealth Advisors people come first.

Our Process

An Objective Approach To Problem Solving

Critical to our "needs-based" approach is our ability and commitment to listening and asking questions. Our goal is to assist clients in achieving their goals through implementing our four-step process:



Before we recommend any product or service, we inquire and receive feedback to each client's individual circumstances and financial objectives. We then analyze their insurance and investment portfolio to identify any disparities that exist.



We provide our clients with strategies to substitute or support their current financial objectives.



If our recommendations make sense to you, we will work with you to implement them and help you secure the required products and services. You may also work with the advisor of your choice.



We work with our clients to establish a timeline of reviews to monitor their financial progress and evaluate the next steps to achieving their fiscal goals.

A Financial Services Professional can help you with many of your financial needs. It is important to note that Financial Service Professionals are only able to provide certain services if they are licensed to do so.

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